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Elaine E. Ralls, Ph.D.

  • Email: eralls@usparksforall.org

  • Phone: 602-601-6951 ext. 800

As founder of commit Agency, Elaine helps brands grow and sustain their impact. The media dubbed her a “Serial Entrepreneur” after the launch and sale of numerous private enterprises, and she serves on multiple public and nonprofit boards.

Elaine has a BS from Ithaca College, an MBA from ASU and a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship from NSU. Her research involves the engagement economy and the impact of customer experience on brand growth and effectiveness. Elaine also co-authored “Discover Your Inner strength” with Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Brian Tracy, and shares her personal “One Big Life” brand through speaking and mentoring.

Favorite quote: “There is always more than one right answer.”
-Dewitt Jones,
National Geographic photographer, inspirational speaker.